Getting a tantric massage. What to expect?

Getting a tantric massage. What to expect?

Tantric massage, what is that exactly? What types of tantric massage are there? What are their benefits? Some of these questions may have arised some time, as it is a relatively new technique in the Western civilisation. Below we will try to answer them and reveal some unknown aspects of the tantric massage, the best treatment you can receive at Shiva Masajes.

What is tantra?

Tantra is a way of understanding life, to develop ourselves as people and to interact with the world. It is a philosophical tradition which arose 5,000 years ago, around the territories that it occupies today in India. Through tantra the person learns to be performed, to reach their personal path, using his energy and sexual desire.

Through knowledge of the Chakras, people can know themselves, and interact with the orb. Sex, as a spiritual energy, it becomes a tool for achieving the perfectly integrated human being. The greater part of the energy of our body is not used, is in a latent state. However, using the pleasure and erotic massage, as tools and motivation, we can evolve, to know ourselves, know our partner, and fully enjoy sex.

What is tantric massage?

The tantric massage is one of the tools used by tantra to achieve the personal fullness. It is erotic massage that arouse the sexual desire and invigorate the relationships. The tantra believes that the human body is a sacred temple and the sex expression of the intercourse divine. The tantric massage offers the possibility of achieving the pleasure, our own and that of the partner, quickly and effectively.

Thanks to the massage performed in zones erotic body to reach a state of physical relaxation and spiritual, in addition to a deep sense of well-being. Sex is the way to relaxation and discovery of one’s self, a form of encounter with the sacred through the pleasure.

Within the erotic massage there are two types: the lingam, which refers to the penis, and massage, yoni massage, which owes its name to the female sex. In the tantric massage there is a form of sex that strengthens the bonds of the couple; breaking down the barriers, fears and obstacles that may exist between the two.

Benefits of tantric massage

  1. The slow cadence of each movement performed during the massage can be very sensual, enhancing our sensory input. Is power the haptic sense.
  2. It provides a sense of peace, regulates the heart rate and manages to reduce the blood pressure
  3. It stimulates circulation, oxygenating the blood, stimulates the circulation of lymphatic tissue which allows us to eliminate waste products.
  4. During the tantric massage the body releases endorphins, the natural way, which provides a feeling of well-being and pain relief.
  5. It achieves a relief of the stress, reduce chemicals associated with stress such as norepinephrine and cortisol.

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