The latin music is most successful

The latin music is most successful

Without a doubt, of all the music genres that invite you to dance, with the more fancy the move, the skeleton is the Latin music. Rhythms that cause contoneos sensual and evoke climates of extreme heat favor the disinhibition, the couple dancing, and the approach that can end, and in fact often ends up in something more. Today, it is virtually impossible to pass by any place where they have music put in by the speakers and not sound at any time, a Latin song, whether it be in the supermarket, at the offices of the agency barcelonaescorts or on the stereo of a car with the windows down and the volume to the maximum.

Speaking of Latin music, it is inevitable to mention the particular genre of the reggaeton, which blends the reggae-originating from Jamaica with the Spanish language that added the panamanians of jamaican origin and elements of hip-hop with rhythms like that can characterize this genre. All this gives rise to this phenomenon of the 90s that has prevailed increasingly, and especially during the last few years, especially in the Caribbean, but with followers in all parts of the Spanish-speaking world.


But despite the immense popularity of this genre today, Latin music has more representatives, but increasingly the artists who were engaged to other genera tested luck with the reggaeton. Without going more far, in the Billboard awards of Latin music in this 2016, the big winner was the song “El Perdón”, of Nicky Jam and Enrique Iglesias, a singer usually associated with pop music.

However we also have Shakira, one of the artists latino most desirable and sexually desired in the world, which belongs rather to the pop, rock and even dance. Plays reggaeton, but among many other genres, the ubiquitous Pitbull, for another example. And what of another of the star highlights of the above mentioned prizes? Romeo Santos, the former leader of the Adventure, has the nickname of “The King of bachata”, precisely because he triumphed in this genre originating from the Dominican Republic. We must not forget the veteran Juan Gabriel, very versatile, who is also of latino artists best paid in the world.

And, of course, are internationally known, even by non-specialized in Latin music, names like Ricky Martin, Gloria Stefan, Marc Anthony, Chayanne, Juanes or Thalia, to name just a few examples of the latino singers most important of our time.

All of these influential artists and other groups to make people dance with their proposals musical characteristics of Latin america, which in turn are influenced by generations of contributions and experiments in which without doubt there are also elements of african music and also of the european, with the common denominator, yes, the Spanish language, in which it is sung and, therefore, with a potential audience of hundreds of millions of people, key in its success.

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