Music and sex make a great couple

Music and sex make a great couple

Latin music has the warm of its people, and proof of this are the video clips that tend to accompany their songs. In them, we see women with bodies lush and steak lightly of clothes to show all the charms of the Latin American people. You can’t deny that latin women have the best bodies, so it is always very nice to see them dancing and showing what they do best.

A good idea would be to prepare a romantic dinner, with favorite foods of your partner and currártelo a little bit. Nothing of ordering a pizza at home. If you are in Spain, you can order erotic massages barcelona, so you will be fully relaxed and ready for everything. This will serve to body and mind are very relaxed and predisposed to an excellent session of sex. So why not leave everything and devote yourself to music and sex?

musica-y-sexoBut back to the title of the article, there is no doubt that the relationship between the music and the sex comes from practically the beginning of timeD. And is that a good melody can be very helpful in the preliminaries as it contributes to both parties will be singing and come to warm on the sexual act. You should never forget that it is very important to get some rhythm before actually starting to do something, as there are some things that our body need to get ready for. Obviously, it is not the same a type of music that another. For example, perhaps classical music is not the most appropriate for an encounter of the passionate, even if your partner is a lover of this genre, it is possible that a piece of Mozart or Beethoven, serve for tuning. Other genres, which a priori would not be so indicated, can be heavy metal or punk although for tastes there is nothing written. I don’t think there are a single people on Earth that actually dislikes music, so it is just a matter of finding the best genre for each person and try to develop a relationship from that.

But the Latin music, in all its versions, yes that can be very suggestive. It is one of the hottest rhythms and it always makes people want to dance. Even someone who doesn’t like latin music that much tends to tap his fingers in a way that makes you think that he actually wants to dance, even if he feels a bit ashamed of it. The songs a little more slow and romantic can be especially indicated for those persons more sensitive, which seek to make the love in a way more delicate. On the other hand, the lovers of reggae have that kind of music lyrics are more direct, ideas for the most passionate, and that sometimes they get carried to one sex more intense. Be that as it may, what is clear is that to create a good atmosphere for the evening is fully satisfactory, it is essential for both people to enjoy.

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