Famous singer Luis Miguel dates a luxury escort

Famous singer Luis Miguel dates a luxury escort

A few days ago, Luis Miguel asked some paparazzi from Los Angeles, California, to photograph him with a woman he was accompanied by, a rare thing in him, because we all know he is a slippery one. Well, it turns out now what they’re saying is that this young woman named Mizaki lives off the profession of a dancer at the Spearmint Rhino football club for Spearmint Rhino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

An informant told the newspaper Basta that the new romance of El Sol is also dedicated to renting his physical company in the city of sin, which is known as escort:”Misaki is of Oriental and Latin descent and we in our company (which is dedicated to chemical products for cleaning swimming pools) hired his services to accompany one of our managers at a business dinner. The deal was straightforward because in Las Vegas you can find the information to contact all kinds of services. She was paid for the service 9,000 pesos ($500 dollars) for five hours, which is similar to the best luxury escorts in Barcelona and all a popular man like Luis Miguel deserves.

Luis Miguel loves privee escorts

The girl is very hardworking: “She dances at a Gentlemans Club where they receive money as tips for dancing in the tube, without letting them touch them. But there are also private dances “. The newspaper Basta was responsible for bringing to light that Luis Miguel’s alleged new partner is called Mizaki, and according to an informant by the name of Luis No-Melin, the girl is a dancer at the club and is also dedicated to becoming a lady of the company for footballers at Spearmint Rhino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Back to the music business

Seven years have passed since Luis Miguel has been involved in various controversies, but nonexistent in terms of music production. That is until this Friday, when the singer himself announced with drums and cymbals that he will return to the stage and will release a new album for the delight of his fans. The millions of fans on the planet will be able to hear the new album called “La Fiesta del Mariachi”, which is the first single of the new Mexican idol album.

Although the name of his new album is not yet known with certainty, but there is clarity as to when it will be released, as the album that brings him back after seven years will be in stores around the world on November 24. The release of the singer-songwriter’s release also reveals that he will have the group “Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán”, so it is intuitive that his return will be marked by the traditional style of his country, where he handles better than anyone else.

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